Teaching Activities

Undergraduate Courses


1. EGN 1033: Introduction to Technology, Human and Society

2. EMA 4521: Materials Science

3. EGN 3365: Materials Engineering

4. EML 4930: Special Topics/Projects

5. EML 4911: Undergraduate Research Experience


Graduate Courses


1. EMA 5200: Nanomechanics and Nanotribology

2. EMA 5106: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials 

3. EMA 5015: Introduction to Nanomaterials Engineering

4. EMA 5001: Physical Properties of Materials

5. EMA 5507C: Analytical Methods in Materials Science

6. EMA 5295: Principles of Composite Materials

7. EML 6935: MME Department Graduate Seminar

8. EMA 5605: Fundamentals of Materials Processing

Short Course Offering


1. Short Course on “Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing” was conducted for professionals (17 attendees included Professors, Head of the Dept., Industrial Research Scientists and Government Project Managers) at Charlotte on March 14, 2004 during Annual TMS Meeting.

2. Short Course on “Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing” conducted for professionals (14 attendees) at Pittsburgh on September 25, 2005 during MS&T 2005 meeting.

3. Short Course on “Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing” conducted for Whirlpool professionals and Lake Michigan College-Benton Harbor, MI, April 26-27, 2006.

4. Short Course on “Introduction to Nanotechnology” conducted for professionals in South Florida Region (attended by FAU faculty, professional engineer and Miami Science Museum Director) on Feb 1-2, 2008.