Spark Plasma Sintering (Model: SPS 10-4 Advanced Technology, Santa Rosa, CA,USA ) is a rapid sintering process with controllable level of densification. It applies Pulsed DC current and mechanical pressure simultaneously without pre-forming and binders. It can process including metallic, ceramic, intermetallic, polymer and composite powders.


    •   Force: 20,000lbs
    •   Pressing Ram: 4 in stroke
    •   Maximum Temperature: 2200oC
    •   Electrical output: 10V/ 4,000 amps pulsed DC (MAX)
    •   Environment: Vacuum, Inert gas
    •   Operating pressure: Vacuum or 1 psig
    •   Ultimate vacuum: 10-3 torr range
    •   Die size: Ø20 mm


Ongoing Research Projects:

    •   Ultra high Temperature Ceramics: TaC, NbC etc.
    •   Boron Nitride Nanotube (BNNT) reinforced composites
    •   Carbon allotropes (CNT, Graphene Nanoplatelets, Graphene form, Nano-diamond) Reinforced composites
    •   Tungsten disulfide (WS2) reinforced composites for tribological study.
    •   Magnesium and its alloys consolidation