This lab makes use of plasma-based techniques to synthesize:

•   Near Net Shape Structures by Rapid Prototyping
•   Bulk Nanostructured Components
•   Advanced Ceramic and Metallic Nanocomposites
•   Multilayered Functional Coatings
•   Synthesis of Nanostructured Composite Powders

Available tools

· Praxair Plasma Spray System
· Plasma Power Source Model PS-1000
· Plasma Control Console Model 3710
· Powder Feeder Model 1264
· Plasma Spray Gun Model SG-100 (internal and external powder injection capability)
· Localized inert shroud creating facility
· Plasma Spray Booth with CNC turntable
· Fanuc S 100 Robot with RF controller
· Three-axis Gantry Robot
· Thermach AT-1200 Powder Feeder, 0-15 RPM
· Accuraspray-g3 Single Head Plasma Inflight Sensor
· Raytek Optical Pyrometer (-10 to 1200C) with integrated software and PC for continuous temperature monitoring
· 4-channel B-Type (0 to 1700C) and K-Type (-200 to 1250C) Thermocouple with OM-CP-QUADTEMP Data Acquisition System and
     OM-CP-IFC110 Windows Software
· Grit Blaster
· Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
· Density Measurement Kit
· ER Advanced Ceramics 755RMV Jar Mill
· Sieves and Sieve Shaker
· Work Bench with all machine tools
· Rotating Ball Mills and blenders
· Low Speed and High Speed Diamond Saws
· Positron Adhesion Tester
· Optical Microscope (upto 1600X)
· Electrostatic Spray Facility for Polymer Coating Synthesis
· Computational Facilities in Plasma Forming Laboratory
   > 2 Pentium IV, 3.40 GHz, 2 GB RAM desk top computer
   > 3 Pentium IV, 2.6 GHz desk top computers
   > 1 Pentium IV, 2 GHz notebook computer
   > 2 Pentium IV, 3.20 GHz, 3.5 GB RAM desk top computer