Ambreen Nisar, PhD

  1. Spark Plasma Joining of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) 
    • Understanding the mechanism of joining in similar and dissimilar UHTCs 
    • Evaluating the structural integrity of the UHTC joint at different length scales 
    • Comparing the oxidation resistance of UHTC joint with that of parent UHTCs under simulated re-entry conditions  
  2. High-Entropy UHTCs 
    • Fabrication of multi-component high entropy UHTCs 
    • To understand the concept of solid-solution to high-entropy phase formation in UHTCs 
    • Evaluating the strength and oxidation resistance in HE-UHTCs  
  3. To understand the Structural Integrity of Complex Oxide Scales for Improved Oxidation Resistance of UHTCs 
  4. Light and strong UHTC foam for thermal insulation

Giuseppe Bianco

Understanding Oxidation Behavior of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics (UHTC) by Applying Machine Learning Techniques

  • Understanding the coorrelation of different parameters on the oxidation resistence for different UHTC materials by applying machine learning techniques.
  • Creating a model that help us iterate between different sample composition, to get a prediction of the oxidation behavior of the specimen.