Development of High Strength Cold Sprayed Deposits

Cold spray possesses the potential for utilization in point-ofneed applications, including the coating and additive manufacturing of 3D end-use parts. High-strength aluminum alloy emerges as an excellent candidate for cold spray due to its advantageous combination of high strength-to-weight ratio, ductile nature, and resistance to corrosion and wear. However, the current knowledge regarding cold-sprayed aluminum alloy deposits is limited to commercial alloys such as Al 6061 and Al 7075.

The researchers at PFL are actively working on pushing the boundaries of high-strength aluminum alloys through the exploration of novel compositions for cold spray additive manufacturing. This research focuses on two main aspects. Firstly, the engineering of the feedstock powder aims to achieve optimal strength and spray ability. Secondly, the strength of the cold spray deposits is enhanced through post-heat treatment techniques.

To establish process-structure-property correlations, the investigation involves the examination of multi-scale structural features and mechanical behavior. This is accomplished through the utilization of microscopy, tensile characterization, and indentation techniques at various length scales.