Cold Spray At The Point Of Need

Be it in the harsh desert sandstorm or among the tumultuous sea waves in a rough sea, the US warfighter is always faced with the challenge of damage and failure of critical machine and armament components. This creates a significant backlog in bringing the entire capability back to repair, service downtime, and reduction in strategic edge over our competitors. In order to keep sustained lead over our adversaries and increase supply chain resilience, ColRAD is developing “Cold Spray at the Point of Need” – capabilities for repairing parts and components at the region of deployment. This uses portable, self-sufficient cold spray equipment that is contained and can be transported and installed aboard armored vehicles, naval vessels and so on. We are also advancing the state of the art in handheld portable cold spray that can be operated at low pressures and controlled manually by the user.

Damaged areas in parts will be replenished by cold spray deposition whereby the added volume of material behaves similar in performance to the original component. This reduces service downtime, the damaged vehicle doe not need to be sent back to the warehouse, and the US warfighter can thus sustain their competitive edge over its enemies in the warzone.