Research Experience For Teachers

Through our 6 weeks program, teachers participates in educational and technical research related to Mechanical and Materials Engineering, specifically in the area of ceramic materials for energy applications.  It is expected that at the end of this program, K-12 teacher will learn some of the advanced ceramic manufacturing concepts which they will incorporate in their classroom teaching to enhance the quality of pre-college education and result in the production of instructional materials.

Research Experience For Undergraduates

As a part of PRECCAP research experience for undergraduate students, Plasma Forming Laboratory (PFL) in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering will provide summer research opportunities for undergraduate students (sophomores and juniors preferred) currently enrolled in US universities. The students will be researching for 9 weeks on topics related to advanced materials processing, ceramics, spark plasma sintering, and materials characterization.  

Engineering Expo

During the 2019 Engineering Expo at Florida International University, a group of PRECCAP researchers explained the Spark Plasma Sintering theory and technology to several groups of K12 students. The students learned the principles of sintering as well as the purpose of this technology and why is and will be so important for our technological advance and society.