The activity proposes to develop a permanent special topic course and/or course module that could be integrated into undergraduate and graduate courses. Across all partners among UTEP, TSU, and FIU, engineering courses will be installed to train BS, MS, and Ph.D. students in broad areas of NNSA’s interest with particular emphasis on ceramic and polymer material synthesis, fabrication, characterization techniques, materials degradation and failure mechanisms, nondestructive evaluations, and advanced structural materials to solve critical problems in nuclear engineering. The proposed courses are:

EML 4551, Ethics study and Design Organization and EML 4905, Senior Design.  In the first course on Design Organization, students will organize into design teams and select a design project, and then complete the preliminary design.  In Senior Design, detail and final design work will be completed on the project, with a prototype (full-scale, miniature, functional, or possibly a mock-up)
Two senior design projects will be conducted per each semester on PRE-CCAP research initiatives.

1. Senior Design Organization (EML 4551)

Design teams will develop senior design project topics, set specific but realizable goals (also called metrics), conduct in-depth literature survey including a multi-national and multi-cultural dimension, complete the conceptual and preliminary design phases, feasibility study, ethics and cost components, social and environmental impact, and evaluation of proposed designs with an international perspective.

1. Tabletop Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) Furnace for Outreach and Education
Mentor: Dr. Benjamin BoeslTabletop
Advisor: Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Zhang

  • Adams, Joel Caleb
  • Fernandez, Rodolfo
  • Torcida, Rodrigo
  • Lopez-Ibanez, Roberto

2. Vacuum Sealed Transfer System for Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) Dies
Mentor: Dr. Benjamin Boesl
Advisor: Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Zhang

  • Hoxsie, Loren David
  • Johnson, Brendon
  • Khan, Ali
  • Salgado, Roger David
  • De Jesus, Gabriel
2. Senior Design Project (EML 4905)

In this course, students will complete the Project statement, in-depth survey, conceptual and structural design, analysis, statistical and cost analyses, ethical, societal and environmental impact, evaluation and revision of design for the global arena with multi-cultural and multi-national perspective, prototype construction and final a showcase where they will present the project.

3. Special Topics (EML 4930)

 To be offered each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) for students interested in learning the advanced concepts of SPS, materials by design, additive manufacturing, and characterization of critical materials systems.

4. Undergrad Research Experience (EML 4911)

Participate in funded research in the areas of nanotechnology, advanced materials, mechanics, mechatronics, robotics, thermal and fluid sciences, and computational engineering.

5. Ceramic Processing (EMA 6646)

Tailor the existing graduate-level course towards Spark Plasma Sintering topics with a focus on strategic materials. Spring 2020 term.

6. Nanomechanics and Nanotribology (EMA 5200)

Students are introduced to the Nano-scale mechanical properties measurement techniques as applied to powder and sintered materials including ceramics. 

7. Fundamentals of Materials Processing (EMA 5605)

Students are introduced to the Extraction of materials from the minerals using pyro, hydro and electro techniques. Furthermore stuydents get an insight to Fundamentals of solidification process