PRECCAP (Partnership for Research and Education Consortium in Ceramics And Polymers) main goal is to establish a sustainable pipeline of highly trained next-generation workforce and community of technical peers for DOE/NNSA’s core mission. The PRECCAP will focus on providing opportunities for minority student research internships, research skills training, intellectual collaboration between Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) and DOE laboratories and to increase the visibility of NNSA related scientific activities.

Major Goals of the project:

  • Build a sustainable pipeline between DOE’s sites/labs and MSIs in STEM disciplines, and bring a heightened awareness of NNSA plants and laboratories to MSIs with a common interest in STEM research fields.
  1. K12 outreach activities to foster a sustainable pipeline of STEM population.
  2. New undergraduate and graduate special topic courses and course modules.
  3. A series of summer workshops and seminars to train high school teacher and students.
  4. Summer student internship program among partner institutions.
  5. Research experience for students.
  • Provide opportunities for intellectual challenge and collaboration by promoting scientific interactions between the academic community and scientists at the DOE/NNSA Labs/Plants.
  • Develop and maintain a long-term recruiting pipeline to the DOE/NNSA laboratories by increasing the visibility of the DOE/NNSA scientific activities to the U.S.